Monday, March 28, 2005


Just realized a couple of things about the whole blog thang:

  1. My browser security did not allow me to use the spell check, so I may have made a ton of spelling errors (since I'm too lazy to proof read anything) In the event that my previous blogs have said errors, they were done so out of my subconscious.
  2. When you click on the "next blog" tab in the upper right hand corner, your neighbor is constantly changing. I find that a little sad, in the no solid foundation sense, and a little scary, in the that crazy movie The Cube sense.
  3. Finally, most of the blogs I've seen so far a pretty umm... What's the word...loserish and geeky (and not in the kewl sense)

Just wanted to get that off my chest.


You may have noticed that I have recently added a counter to the big web site blog thingy.

Hey, a professional site is a professional site.

Don't mind admitting that it took me about 25 minuntes to choose a type.

I went with the snyder, for all those wondering.

Appologies to the Universe

I realize that my first entry wasn't that funny.

I will try harder next time.

Or maybe not as hard, not quite sure.

Breaking the Ice

"'twas the best of times, 'twas the worst of times..."

Hopefully this feeble attempt in self importance will not be my 15 minutes.
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